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2020-ж., 3-сен.
7 892 Көрүүлөр

Catch up on all 44 episodes of All The Smoke now. Available on the Showtime Basketball KGworld channel and all audio platforms.
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  • Hey Matt & Stack! Amazing 44 episodes season 1!!! Can't wait for season 2 to start Lester Richen All the way from Cape Town South Africa... Brilliant show, content and guests

    Lester RichenLester RichenАй мурун
  • All the smoke come back already deym it!!

    Calvin de LeonCalvin de LeonАй мурун
  • 2 clowns that sit around smoke weed and sat the bench in the NBA talk about race and blame the police when the real problem is in there hood.

    Brian LastBrian LastАй мурун
  • Can’t wait!

    Stak DollarsStak DollarsАй мурун
  • Matt needs to find a new co-star. Stephen Jackson is a clown for his anti-semitic views.

    DillonDillonАй мурун
    • According to YOUR BIBLE , WE are the real Semitic people. So when did he become antisemitic ?🤔🤣🤣🤣

      Zero ToleranceZero ToleranceАй мурун
  • Loved all the episodes thusfar but you guys lost me when Jax defended that dummy DeSean Jackson and his hate speech. Please invite a Jewish guy and try to defend your ignorance. That would be some content...

    Tiel van den HeuvelTiel van den HeuvelАй мурун
    • No need too , because we know who the REAL JEWS ARE according to YOUR BIBLE 🤐✊🏿

      Zero ToleranceZero ToleranceАй мурун
  • When are they coming back?

    Sterling MurraySterling MurrayАй мурун
  • knuckleheads >

    HammondHammondАй мурун
  • When the hell are y'all coming back. I started listening to Gilber Arenas and Knuckleheads podcast now. Their both dope but I miss my all the smoke

    joe davilajoe davilaАй мурун
  • I miss all the smoke 🍁

    Mike LokMike LokАй мурун
  • I really been waiting for something from you brothers. Glad to see y'all ain't stopping. As a older head now who still loves sports and real talk amongst good people. I appreciate y'all

    Luesean BrownLuesean BrownАй мурун
  • Malcom X once said “White liberals are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the black man as our ‘friend’ to get our sympathy, our allegiance and our minds. The white liberal attempts to use us politically against white conservatives, so that anything the black man does is never for his own good, never for his advancement, never for his own progress, he’s only a pawn in the hands of the white liberal.” #Trump2020, Malcom X was the biggest black freedom icon besides Martin Luther wake up!!! Research this too and see for yourself all he said.

    Luke ThompsonLuke ThompsonАй мурун
  • Get Matt n jack on the 85 south show!!!

    Steven ArismendezSteven ArismendezАй мурун
  • Can’t wait for y’all to put out new videos!

    BlAsian Cali GeishaBlAsian Cali GeishaАй мурун
  • There you go....stick too doin this Stack5. Cause all that "love everybody" BULL, is played. At least 5 more ppl been killed no gun, ny tha police. But you talkin all that "love" shit ain't bout nothing. If you ain't willing to put it all on tha line like Ali, yall athletes should get BEHIND the movement, not in front.

    devon divinedevon divineАй мурун
  • They kept Jack! 🙏🏾💪🏾💯🖤

    Joe ClarkJoe ClarkАй мурун
  • We aint never getting any new ones because of Stephen Jackson lmao. Matt Barnes probably like “FUCK” we had a good thing going.

    The One Who Is Better Than YouThe One Who Is Better Than YouАй мурун
  • When y’all coming back , Knuckle head podcasts getting all the good guests

    JabronyJabronyАй мурун
    • Truth Hurts yes I do

      JabronyJabronyАй мурун
    • Truth Hurts what happen

      briannabriannaАй мурун
    • @Jabrony naw captain whack is a clown

      Arizona Fire EntArizona Fire EntАй мурун
    • Truth Hurts to you he is

      JabronyJabronyАй мурун
  • Damn time flys

    Donnie DarkoDonnie DarkoАй мурун
  • These guys are the new age talk show. Respect dudes!!!

    Brian HunteBrian HunteАй мурун
  • What a great show. I can't wait until they come back

    John LawJohn LawАй мурун
    • @Truth Hurts BRO STFU!

      a aa aАй мурун
    • Truth Hurts nvm i just looked it up. They can go back to YT & work for themselves 🤷🏽‍♂️

      dirttdog1dirttdog1Ай мурун
  • Peace to the Gods!!!

    Sean EstelleSean EstelleАй мурун

    704Bound Charlotte704Bound CharlotteАй мурун
  • They gonna have the most lit interviews when they come back I can't wait real talk bring it back for the culture 💯💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    SosTdm 617SosTdm 617Ай мурун
    • Truth Hurts lmao change your user name to supreme hater, these boys talk basketball which they are pros at how are they idiots lmao? Nothing in your comment was truth, you’re the idiot

      Kevin MylesKevin MylesАй мурун
    • @Truth Hurts what do you mean I don't speak Cretin?

      SosTdm 617SosTdm 617Ай мурун
    • Truth Hurts getting triggered 😂 they are still richer than you

      taftafАй мурун
    • @Jacqueline Fransaw You really think it will be entertaining to hear an interview of a high school hooper equivalent if not worse wnba player? They cant entertain people while playing ball, what makes you think it will be worth the time to interview those ATHLETE? FOH with your equal rights bs, stop making it about genders. Leave this show alone

      gerome_kgerome_kАй мурун
    • why they don't have WNBA players just saying maybe only for men

      Jacqueline FransawJacqueline FransawАй мурун
  • Dam I thought it was new episodes

    Natalie DixonNatalie DixonАй мурун
  • I dont wanna catch up......we want the smoke all of it

    Brandon ThompsonBrandon ThompsonАй мурун
  • Hopefully when yall come back yall don't take 4 weeks to post an interview that was done 4 weeks ago lmao. Idk why yall take so long to upload

    benbenАй мурун
    • Then what happens when its no more content? They gotta space it out. Can't give it all so quick. It makes you cherish the podcast even more and be excited for the next one.

      MySportsReviewsMySportsReviewsАй мурун
    • @Sean Mims no brother , I'm talking about how they will do an interview, hype it up and then don't drop the interview till weeks if not months later

      benbenАй мурун
    • Check your notification cause I would get a message when the live would start and the restart was hour later

      Sean MimsSean MimsАй мурун
  • When is the show coming back man???

    Big Mike RealTalkTVBig Mike RealTalkTVАй мурун
  • First

    The Gem GamingThe Gem GamingАй мурун